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 Welcome !

Join our Retreats, Gain Mind Clarity.

MIND CLARITY Retreats offer a UNIQUE multi-disciplinary approach, created and hosted by Aude Ayliffe (MBACP Psychotherapist & Transformational Coach),
using a range of Bespoke Psycho-educational workshops, Mindfulness, Yoga and 1:1 Coaching consultations for the Mind Shift and Transformation you need.

- Our bespoke retreats are speciality focused : Anxiety and Stress Management, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery, and Overthinking/ADHD traits Management.


- We welcome a diverse and inclusive group of men and women who share a common goal: to understand their mind works and empower themselves towards a more meaningful and joyful life. 


- A safe, calm and confidential space for personal inspiration, therapeutic support and love that helps grow and flourish.

Enjoy a relaxing and empowering long weekend in carefully selected venues such as the beautiful 4* countryside mansion hotel with gym and indoor pool outside of London, UK or in a private seaside venue with a small group of like-minded people.

""My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive;
and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style."

Maya Angelou
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Each retreat focuses on a specific topic such as Anxiety and Stress Management, Narcissistic Abuse Recovery and Overthinking/ADHD traits Management include the following as standard:

  • Luxury accommodation with breakfast, tea/coffee/snacks.

  • Bespoke interactive workshops tailored-made around your healing needs and well-being goals (psycho-education, coaching techniques and CBT).

  • Private therapy/coaching 1h consultation with Aude.

  • Mindfulness and Yoga classes with our Expert practitioners.

  • Bespoke therapeutic guided Meditation sessions.

  • Access to the hotel leisure facilities, indoor pool, gym, library and acres of beautiful grounds.


Life gets very busy so we offer a conveniently short and longer week-end options.

Our Multidisciplinary Approach

Our  MBACP Transformational Coach and Psychotherapist, Aude Ayliffe's and her amazing team offer bespoke and topic-focused luxury retreats whether you just need to press the reset button or focus on aspects of your mental well-being, life path, or your relationships.  

Mind Clarity multidisciplinary approach includes individual coaching/therapy sessions, mindfulness, psycho-education, group coaching and tailor-made workshops to create the self-empowerment you need.

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Personal Coaching & Therapy

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Interactive Group Workshops

Mindfulness, Yoga & Meditation

Personal Coaching & Therapy

Aude is a qualified and BACP registered Psychotherapist and Coach with a decade of professional experience.

She developed Clarity Retreats to guide you and empower you to make the long-lasting positive changes you wish towards building a healthier sense of self and new healthier coping strategies during bespoke workshops.

All retreats include at least one 1h private consultation with Aude to offer you the guidance, support and strategies you need and want in a confidential and safe environment.

Interactive Group Workshops

Each retreat focuses on a specific topic we cover during our interactive workshops. They include psycho-education, CBT & mindfulness exercises and coaching techniques.

The workshops are interactive so you may participate however you wish . They are held in an informal setting rather than a cold meeting room to ensure everyone feels relaxed and comfortable (we even have cushions and soft blankets).

Mindfulness, Yoga & Meditation

Our vision is to help women and men from all walks of life find inner peace, joy, and fulfillment by providing a safe and supportive environment that fosters personal growth and transformation.

In addition we teach you how to emotionally self-regulate and relax in a way that works for you and how your mind works... not everyone can sit still to meditate! :)

Our mindfulness, traditional yoga and meditation practices might be held outdoor on the beautiful countryside hotel parklands or on the beach weather permitting of course!

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Stress and Anxiety Management

A Bespoke Therapeutic retreat with Life Coaching, CBT, Mindfulness, and Meditation to help you RELAX, UNDERSTAND and MANAGE your personal triggers and improve your current coping strategies.

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ADHD traits and Overthinking

Invest in your well-being and mental health and regain control over any unhelpful thinking and behaviors exacerbated by an overthinking or ADHD mind.

 In this retreat, you will gain a NEW PERSPECTIVE AND UNDERSTANDING of your MIND's work, personal ADHD traits, triggers, and responses. You'll also learn practical coaching and mindfulness self-regulating techniques tailored to you and your lifestyle.

Self-care Narcissistic Abuse

Narcissistic and Emotional Abuse

A BESPOKE Therapeutic for women and men who have experienced Emotional, Coercive or/and Narcissistic Abuse in a current or past relationship.

It’s time to step aside and REGAIN CONTROL OF your LIFE. Your healing starts with You and your sense of Self (self-Compassion, self-Esteem, Boundaries and Confidence).

Binge eating healing retreat

Emotional and Binge Eating

STOP THE VICIOUS CYCLE OF EMOTIONAL EATING Once for All and regain control of your Life.

You deserve our UNIQUE Life-changing and Safe retreat based on Psychotherapy, CBT, Coaching and Mindfulness limited to 6 participants.

Emotional Eating or Binge Eating happens frequently or has become a habit as a way to cope with their stress and emotional triggers often unconsciously.

Our Experts

Aude Ayliffe MIND CLARITY RETREATS Therapist

Founder, Psychotherapist, Transformational Coach and Host

Umesh Yoga and Meditation Expert Wellbeing Retreat

Hatha Yoga and Meditation Teacher

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