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Our Guests words about their experience with Mind Clarity Retreats

Silhouette with Mountains

Life changing!

"Seriously, the course was probably the best thing I've done for myself in years.

The knowledge and experience from Aude was amazing." 



"I knew things about my ADHD before, but this was incredibly enlightening.

Aude made the room an incredibly safe space. The 1-1 sessions in particular were so helpful; it is so nice to have someone there who understands and is willing to help.

The hotel was absolutely lovely, such a nice place to get away for the weekend."


Personal and Helpful.

"Being shy, I was relieved it was a small group which made it more personal and helpful. 

I especially liked how authentic and knowledgeable Aude is, I felt at ease with her straight away."



"So glad I did this. I can't believe how stuck I had been feeling for the past years and I didn't know where to start. 

I feel alive again! Thanks, Aude."


Life changing and necessary

"I had recently separated from my partner after what I now know was an emotionally abusive relationship.

The method of separation was cruel and confusing which left me looking for answers and a way to heal. 

The retreat was so specific it felt like it was meant to be!

The best thing about the retreat was Aude, she is a fantastically creative, knowledgeable and supportive therapist. Truly non-judgemental but with the ability to know just when to administer a hard-hitting truth.

She leads by example and once you meet her you will instantly look forward to acquiring the skills to embody your own version of the strength and authenticity she naturally has. 

A renewed sense of strength in myself that almost completely dissolved the cognitive dissonance. I also valued how she committed to explain the ‘why’ behind key asks and adapted her approach for my ADHD. 

If you are searching for answers and come across this, do not hesitate to book. Even if you feel painfully confused about what you’ve endured; this will help set you on a path to better, no matter the stage you’re in.


Reclaiming my self-worth

"I was married to a narcissist and finding it hard to cope with difficult emotions. 

This retreat was bespoke and flexible to your needs at any stage of your healing journey.

The experience provide solutions on how to move on with my life and make my mental health a priority. 

I truly benefit from my 1:1 session with Aude and taking time out to reflect on what steps I need to do next for my self-care while enjoying the beautiful hotel."


Small group and a sense of confidentiality throughout

"I was suffering from life-long personal difficulties with abuse and neglect.

I chose this retreat specifically because of the focus on narcissism. 

I got meditation techniques for relaxation and sound information provided. Discussions and shared experiences were also important."


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