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Mind Clarity Retreats

We pride ourselves in offering our guests the very best for a safe &  life-changing experience.... ;-)

EXCLUSIVE & PRIVATE - we limit our retreats to small groups (limited to 6 or 10 participants depending on the subject we cover) to guaranty you the 1:1 therapeutic support and gain the maximum benefit and enjoyment from your experience.

RELAXING & SOOTHING - the 4* hotel is the perfect setting to unplug, relax and recharge. You may also find enjoying the countryside soul soothing with our outdoor activities or by your initiative during your 'Me Time'

FUN & VERSATILE - our retreats might cover serious topics but that doesn't stop us to have a sense of humour, enjoy the fun and silly parts or slow down if things feel emotional (Aude will certainly notice and make are you get the support you need or want).

UNIQUE & EFFECTIVE - the retreats workshops and activities are based on psychotherapy modalities, transformational coaching, mindfulness, yoga and meditation. Aude has carefully developed each retreat based on her clients successful and effective therapeutic progress. Aude shares with you some insight most psychotherapists and counsellors keep to themselves. 

LUXURIOUS & NATURAL - we don't believe staying in a confined accommodation, sharing a room or a bathroom with strangers, excepting our guests to become friends etc... You deserve your own space, the comfort and freedom to focus on your personal journey (connection with others might happen naturally).

Your Clarity Retreat, Your Pace and Your Space.

You may safely book your space on your chosen retreat by using our form below or our partner's link on your chosen retreat.


A £200 deposit will guaranty your space among our small number of participants (full amount to be paid 30 days of retreat).

We will send you a Welcome Pack with all the information and details you need to know (like the retreat daily agenda, what to bring, how to get to the venue, food menus, leisure details, etc) along with a Personal Questionnaire for you to share any personal information to make sure you get the best of your retreat (to protect your privacy only Aude will have access to it).

Our upcoming Retreats
OCG Lounge sea view.jpg

4 Day Stress Relief Beach Retreat  (£1095 to £1695)
4 day week-end retreat in beautiful seafront house in Worthing, UK

Your retreat starts on Thursday 2pm ending on Sunday at 2pm with 3 night accommodation in a single, double or twin room.

Upcoming Dates:

- 20th to 23rd June 2024

MC woman Hands caring_edited.jpg

Emotional / Narcissistic Abuse Recovery (£1195)
3 day week-end retreat in 4* Mansion House Hotel in Berkshire, UK

Your retreat starts on Friday 2pm ending on Sunday at 5pm with 2 nights in your own lovely room.

Upcoming Dates:

- 29th September to 01st October 2023 (SOLD OUT)

- 24th to 26th November 2023 (SOLD OUT)

- 16th to 18th Feb 2024 (1 space left)

- 29th to 31st March 2024

- 31st May to 2nd June 2024

MC woman pool eyes closed.jpeg

Anxiety and Stress Mindfulness & Coaching (£995)
3 day week-end retreat in 4* Mansion House Hotel, Windsor, UK

Your retreat starts on Friday 2pm ending on Sunday at 5pm with 2 nights stay in in your double room or in a twin room shared with your friend/relative.

Upcoming Dates:

- 01st to 03rd December 2023 (SOLD OUT)

- 2nd to 4th February 2024 (SOLD OUT)

- 22nd to 24th March 2024

- 7th to 9th June 2024

- 19th  to 21st July 2024

Mind Clarity relaxed man_edited.jpg

Overthinking/ADHD Coaching and Mindfulness (£1195)
3 day week-end retreat in 4* Mansion House Hotel in Windsor UK

Your retreat starts on Friday 2pm and ends on Sunday 5pm after 2 Nights luxury accommodation.

Upcoming dates:

- 27th to 29th October 2023 (FULL)

- 01st to 03rd March 2024 (FULL)

- 24th to 26th May 2024

- 14th to 16th June 2024

- 26th to 28th July 2024

Trying On New Dress_edited.jpg

Emotional Eating Coaching and Mindfulness (£1195)
3 day week-end retreat in Windsor 4* country Mansion House Hotel

Your retreat starts on Friday 2pm and ends on Sunday 4pm after 2 nights luxury accommodation.

Upcoming dates:

- 09th to 11th February 2024 (SOLD OUT)

- 26th to 28th April 2024

- 28th to 30th June 2024

- 30th Aug to 1st September 2024


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